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New Moon

New Moon

I've been gone a while
New Moon
Mainly due to personal problems. But with personal problems becomes a desire to write. So i have, this is a quick poem i snapped up about 10 mins ago, and well it really does explain it all if you really think about it. Not that anyone will read this, but if you do - don't steal this please, it is straight from my heart.

Here It Is.

Here is to the tears shed over what we did.
Here is to the murder that you made me commit.
Here is to the lies told just to save your soul.
Here is to the words that took their tole.
Here is to the friends we’ve lost along the way.
Here is to the ones who decided to stay.
Here is to the moments that have already gone.
Here is to the hope we can both move on.
Here is to the tattoos that forever leave their mark.
Here is to tree that shed it’s bark.
Here is to a year which has changed so much.
Here is to it all started by that one small touch.
Here is to the one that we will never get back.
Here is to the ending of that one small crack.
-Kate Adams

New Moon
Ek haat u, Ek haat everyting u het en elke leuen u vertel net so dat u kan voel beter en kry terug wat u het. Ek hoop u brand in hel vir die manier u gemaak my leuen vir jou. u gelieg vir jou vriendin, jou vriende jou familie, gesig die waarheid, u verkry my swanger en u het geloop weg u fucking lafaard.

New Moon
FUCK FUCK FUCKKKYY FUCK!!!! >=( >=( That so just ruined this whole show for me.

It's always been Kate and sawyer, no way should it ever be Sawyer and Juliet. Lost, you lost all respect for me in the very last episode FUCK YOU!!!! grrr.

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Ok well here are my first batch of Eclipse icons... comments are a love, i know it's been a while since i've posted... Yeah been busy busy with life.

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New Moon
Based on Neddy from the short story Prince Valiant by Owen Marshall

I always awoke whenever he started shouting at her, or whenever he hit her. The marks he left on her she always managed to cover up, hiding to try and keep the truth from me. She always said she loved him, and she would get that distant look in her eye, but she would not have that look when he hit her, I watched once, he made me watch so that I would learn not to cross him. Her cries as he struck her were horrifying, it was that day I chose not to speak unless spoken to. I didn’t want to witness her in that pain.

I stayed at home so I could help her get through the day. It was always the same day; wake up to her screams, wait until he stopped, get breakfast, school, avoid my parents and go to bed. It was the same old routine that we got used to. I loved her, I hated him. Sure I knew if I took a step out of line he would hit me, he often did but not once would I tell my mother if he hit me, I was scared for her. I always wanted her to be happy, I always hoped that maybe one day he would stop, the day I realised he wasn’t going to was the day he started using things to hurt her, Wether it was something as cold as night or something that was burning like the sun he would use it on her. Her arms, her legs, her stomach, her chest. They all bore the marks of torture because that was what it was.

At first I thought school would be the escape I so badly needed, but it became no such thing. I don’t know what was worse, the building that looked so much like a prison, it’s tree’s clawing at the brick. Or the students who could have been the inmates with their taunting and hate. I let them think that I was some freak from the farm land, they never had to know what I had seen, what I had been forced to watch, I could manage their anger, their hate and their mocking. But what I knew I couldn’t stand, I could never have taken their pity or their shock. I knew they wouldn’t understand what it was like, I knew I should have told someone, trusted someone, but there was never anyone who I could tell, it was always just me on my own.

It took me along time to realise that my escape would be simple, just somewhere to forget the laughter and mocking of my peers, somewhere to forget the agony of my home life, somewhere where I could forget her voice saying;

“Neddy, it will be ok” When I was driving away, with my music pumping I could forget for a while, remember what it was like to be Neddy and not have gone through all the pain and torment. The anger and suffering I had witnessed ran away with the night as it rushed past me, it all just went away.

I knew I shouldn’t leave my mum unprotected at home, but what else could I do, I didn’t know what else I could really do. I couldn’t fight him back, he’d whip me across the face with his hand, if I told him to stop he’d hurt her harder, she needed help, she needed to realise that it wasn’t natural what he was doing. He killed her. Every time he hit her I saw her heart break, again and again until there was nothing left but pieces which had shattered as her bones did. He knew he wanted her to be happy, he knew she could never be with him, so he told her that, and when she refused he did the only thing that made sense, he used his escape and his work to get away from it all.

Here u go Char
New Moon

At 10 he was fine. At 13 he tried drugs. At 16 he dropped out of school. At 20 he was dead.

Jay had it easy growing up, he was popular always knew the right things to say and when to say it. Everyone who knew him loved him, everyone that didn’t know him wished they did. Schooling was never Jay’s problem, he was average got a few high grades here and there; he never saw what could happen next.

As he blew his candles out on thirteenth birthday one of them stood flickering in the darkness, he never saw the hand that came down on his mother, he just heard her shriek and the thud as the carpet rolled under her weight. He did feel his fathers hand come down on him, it was a blow to Jay’s heart. After that day whenever his dad got angry Jay would end up defending his mother, in the end scars were covering his body that he couldn’t hide them.

It was the night he heard his father tear his mother up - piercing her with lord only knows what - that he had had enough, he wanted out. It was the next day at school he found his escape. The kid’s said it was called grass, nothing too hard for a first timer so he took it. Within a year he was hooked on the feeling of

euphoria so much so he could ignore the paranoia that came with it and the guilt of what he had left his mum in, but he knew there was no help for her now, no escape for her and that he should move on. He soon found the others were hiding from him. His old friends were keeping there distance, making sure they didn’t get in his way only she stuck by him, listening and helping.

When he turned 16 he left it all behind everything was gone but her and the drugs. They moved away from the tree’s that whispered and the night that called out to him. He met people, people who understood what he was going through, they told him there was something that was better, made him forget what he left behind. Coke. He knew of it, name one person who didn’t though, it was common and it helped, it kept him sane in a time of need. She knew he needed him, even when she fell pregnant too him she stayed by knowing that it would kill him more if she left. So it went on: the drugs, the regret, the pregnancy, the arguing, more drugs.

On his nineteenth birthday she got him coke, he said he loved her, three days later she had the baby. They were happy, minus the drugs, the crappy apartment the long work hours for her they were a family, she loved him, he loved her. It was the month that she got sick that things went wrong. Jay didn’t work he was a stay at home dad, there was no money coming in. His son was just turning one and the candle burned in the blackness, the air was vibrating with tension, his son couldn’t blow the candle out, he was on the worst withdrawal he had felt in years, she was coughing. He couldn’t take the pulsing in his ears, he lashed out, striking her first, just lightly, it was when he struck him, his own son that she lost it. She was prepared. She hoped she could do it, pull the trigger.

He never felt it tear through his head, but she saw it. She knew it was wrong, no-one deserved to die, but she was not watching him turn into his father. She was not watching him do to her son what was done to him. She wasn’t becoming his mother. He didn’t reach 21, he never saw his child grow up to become so much more than he had ever been.


Wow, it's been a while
New Moon
Wow, so alot has happend to me these last few months, i got Pregnant, i got sick and lost the baby. Me and my ex broke up, i've been struggling with college, i've lost alot of my close friends duue to me being labled a slut because i got pregnant off my first time, which the guy stopped half way through, pre cum... it's a bitch.

So all in all i lost it to my ex (who was my ex at the time then too - wouldn't recomend screwing your ex-) and all hell broke loose, i have a new group of friends, who i love dearly, and i have a new guy intrest. I like him, he supposdly likes me, but neither of us want to make the first move... So lets hope something comes out of it!!!

Work has been hard as, it's like taking up all my time which i need for study and homework. I failed my first Photography assignment, and am hoping to pass on the resubmit. But things are starting to look up now.

My guy friends are friends with "??" and one of them guessed that he liked me and he admitted it apparntly, and yeah so that looks positive, we were at drinks on Friday night and they all kept on making refrences to me and him which was good haha ut nothing happend i think we are both too shy. I finished my Art Design work with about 10 mins to spare, but i am almost certain i passed =]

I got the morning off work due to ANZAC day, so i'm only working 4 hours instead of 7, i have my Geography trip coming up and i'm finnaly getting of drugs. It's taken me a while but i'm getting there slow and steady. =]

So i'm feeling quite content with my lot at the moment.

Supernatural 5x11 sam interrupted review.
New Moon

Ok, well this is my first time reviewing Supernatural but i felt like i had too, i'm a devoted follower from start to finish, and no matter what happens to the show i will always love it and call it my fave, Dean is one fine boy i have to admit that and there isn't much i wouldn't do to get a peice of the mighty Dean Winchester.

Ok well i thought this episode started off great, you know the usual which made you wonder what the boys were hunting and i didn't know what to expect when the said it was a wrath, or whatever it was called. I thought it would just be another thing that climbed outta the pit, and lets be fair it was a creative idea, but as the episode wore on i have to say i was dissapointed, yes i did get the laughs i love to get from this great show.

My fave scene has to be Dean dropping his pants in the morge and yelling pudding, had me on the ground in laughter and my roomie came rushing in to try and calm me down. Safe to say the most i have laughed in a long time.

The monster, didn't really appeal to me as a monster, i mean not even much blood and gore, where was the main action. Sure we got to see several guys heads smashed into a wall, and a few wrists being slit, but where was the blood splatter and action, that left me wanting more, and not in the good way. Although i didn't really think that the whole sticking something straight into the brain was gross but that is about it.

How many times can Sam be tied to a bed? Seriously it is starting to make me thing he has this ongoing bondage fetish that Jarad likes to take to work with him, and while i wouldn't mind if he was tied to my bed i had to think that i had seen this before, even though it is nice to see him tied to that bed it is a sight i have seen many times before in previous episodes and it's like "the hills" starting to repeat. Not that i have ever watched the hills though.

Sure the ending was sweet with Dean coming in all crazy like and saving sam from getting his brain sucked dry by the crazy monster lady who really didn't look like a monster apart from that really weird stick like thing that came out of her wrist when she wanted to suck sam dry. Wow, that sounds dodgey but back to the point after Dean breaks monster ladies monster stick off they go back to normal, i was expecting some angel saving right here, not normal straight up.

Heartbreaking Sam gushing his feelings moment, made me feel all soppy and sad while Dean beggs Sam to be with him in the whole fighting the apocolipz, then woo, "I'm with you" they drive off in the Impala to sad depressing music leaving me to think.



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